Pro Series Crank Triggers

Dynatek Pro Series Crank Trigger is a newly designed crankshaft pickup for use with the Dyna 2000 Sportbike and Dyna 4000 Pro Ignition System. The Pro Series Pickup consists of a blue anodized aluminum base plate with two injection molded pickup assemblies. The Pro Series Crank Trigger is a superior pickup for the 4000 for the following reasons:

Product Features

  • Improved noise margin - The Pro Series Crank Trigger provides a stronger pickup signal with more distinct high and low voltage levels for improved triggering of the 4000 in harsh environments.
  • Total immunity to engine grounding problems - The Pro Series Crank Trigger is electrically isolated from the engine case (unlike it's predecessor, the Dyna S), giving total immunity to electronic problems associated with inadequate engine grounding.
  • Pre-wired for the DYNA 4000 ignition - The Pro Series Crank Trigger is a direct plug in!
  • Shorter Module Height - The Pro Series Crank Trigger modules are 1/2" tall (Dyna S is 3/4" tall) allowing them to fit under GSXR ignition covers without modification
  • Lighter weight
  • Lower cost
  • Uses standard Dyna 4000 magnet rotors

Two Stage Retard Module

The new and improved Dynatek Two Stage Retard Module (P/N TSRAM) now offers progressive timing retard or advance in 2 separately adjustable stages. The new TSRAM is adjustable for 0-20 degrees of ignition timing retard in 2 degree increments over a 4 second time span in ¼ second increments. It can also be used as a progressive timing advance device so that the user may start off with a retarded timing setting and then build the timing back in over a set time span. This is adjustable from 20-0 degrees and 0- 4 seconds in ¼ second increments. If more than 2 stages of timing control are desired 2 TSRAM modules may be connected in series. The new TSRAM can be used for both 4 cylinder and V-Twin applications where the Dyna 4000 ignition system is used.

Dyna Shift Counter

Dyna Shift Counter is the missing link of the chain of systems on a drag bike. The Shift Counter provides the proper interaction between the air shifter system, the ignition system, the transmission, and other systems.

Product Features

  • Built-in programmable electronic shift kill (replaces failure prone, not easily adjustable, mechanical air kill switches) Includes 1-2 auto, 1-2-3 auto and 1-2-3-4 auto modes.
  • Shift kill can be set at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 milliseconds
  • Can automatically control semi-automatic transmission kill sequences.
  • Gear selector outputs allow you to control otherdevices according to current gear selection. You can activate multistage nitrous systems, waste gates, fuel systems, timing
  • control, or anything else according to transmission gear.
  • Plugs right into the Dyna 4000 Pro ignition kill input (and can be used with other ignitions)

Dynatek Billet Rotor

Dynatek Billet Rotor allow simple replacement of the mechanical advancer assembly and ignition rotor with an attactive one piece anodized rotor. The Dyna Billet Rotor is laser etched with accurate timing marks to make ignition setup a breeze. The Dyna Billet Rotor comes in a blue anodized version with two magnents installed for use with the Dyna 4000 ignition as well as in a black anodized version with one magnent installed for use with other ignitions such as the Dyna 2000 and Dyna S ignitions.

Dyna 4000 Ignition System Accessories for Drag Racing

Part No. Item Desc Price Buy Option
DPK4-1 4 Cyl, Single plug kit $ 641.99 Buy Now
DPK4-2 4 Cyl, Dual plug kit $ 849.99 Buy Now
DPK4-HD1DF H-D Single plug, dual fire kit $ 539.99 Buy Now
DPK4-HD1SF H-D Single plug, Single fire kit $ 615.99 Buy Now
DPK4-HD2DF H-D Dual plug, Dual fire kit $ 624.99 Buy Now
DPK4-HD2SF H-D Dual plug, Single fire kit $ 799.99 Buy Now
DPK4-HDTF H-D Top fuel, Dual plug,Dual Fire $ 624.99 Buy Now

Dyna 4000 Pro Series Crank Triggers for Drag Racing

Part No. Item Desc Price Buy Option
DBTR-1P Billet Timing Rotor Hon CB 750,900,1100 1979-1983 $ 59.99 Buy Now
DBTR-1P Billet Timing Rotor Hon CB 750,900,1100 1979-1983 $ 59.99 Buy Now
DBTR-2P Billet Timing Rotor Kaw KZ 900,1000,1100 1973-1985 $ 59.99 Buy Now
DBTR-3P Billet Timing Rotor Suz GS 550,750,1000,1100 $ 59.99 Buy Now
DCTHD Crank Trigger HD $ 158.99 Buy Now
DSC-2 Shift Counter (6 Speed) $ 214.99 Buy Now
TSRAM Retard module 2&4 cyl. Progressive $ 309.99 Buy Now
TSRM-2 Retard module 2 cyl. $ 309.99 Buy Now

DYNA Performance Coils For Drag Racing

Part No. Item Desc Price Buy Option
DC9-1 .7 ohm, dual output $ 162.99 Buy Now
DC9-2 .7 ohm, Twin Fire, four O/P $ 188.99 Buy Now
DC9-4 .7 ohm single output $ 162.99 Buy Now

DYNA Shift Counters

Part No. Item Desc Price Buy Option
DSC-2 Shift Counter (6 Speed) $ 214.99 Buy Now