Product Overview

Programming Kits DFSPK-1 and DIPK-6 The DynaFS Programming Kit includes everything you need to reprogram the DynaFS programmable ignition. Easy to understand interface, simple saving, recalling and printing of curves, and quick reprogramming of the ignition make this the most user friendly programmable ignition software available. The kit includes the software to reprogram all available DynaFS programmable Ignition models and the programming cable. This kit is not recommended for inexperienced tuners.

Part No. Item Desc Price Buy Option
DFSPK-1 DFS “Curve Maker” Programming Kit $99.99 Buy Now
DIPK-6 Programming Kit DFS Dirtbike Apps $99.99 Buy Now
DIPK-7 USB Programming Kit DFS & 2000i Apps $99.99 Buy Now